Program planning is much more than just setting goals. It’s a process that assists in turning goals into a road map to achieve success. Studies have proven that businesses who create detailed plans have a 30% greater chance of meeting their goals than those that don’t. Effective planning helps individuals, teams and companies focus on their goals. It also offers an outline of how to achieve them, and also creates an impression of achievement that is an effective motivator.

The most important aspect to consider when developing an effective program is to identify the intended audience. This ensures that the program is geared towards the needs of the specific audience. Determining the correct audience helps ensure that the program is well-received by that group which can lead to greater efficiency in terms of outcomes and impact.

The next step is to pinpoint problems that the program might solve. This may include finding the root causes of the problems that an organization is trying resolve for example, low wages/opportunities or insufficient resources such as fuel.

Remember that at times programs can seem amorphous or overwhelming. It is helpful to think of them as a system that has inputs, processes, outputs (tangibles) and continuous feedback between all of the parts. This is particularly crucial when developing a new plan as it can help keep the goals of the new program in mind and in the context of other initiatives within the company.

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